Welcome to Gracie Barra Saint Augustine , where the tradition and technique of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu meet passion and dedication to not only form great fighters but great human beings. Our academy is more than just a training venue; it’s a community where values like respect, integrity, and perseverance are as important as physical skills.

At Gracie Barra Saint Augustine we offer Jiu-Jitsu programs for all ages and skill levels, from children to adults, beginners to advanced competitors. Our coaches are highly qualified and experienced professionals, committed to teaching not just the techniques but also the philosophy behind Jiu-Jitsu, which values self-defense, physical and mental health, and personal development.


My life is dedicated to Jiu-Jitsu. My goal was simply to build a brotherhood to lead the expansion of BJJ while respecting the essence of our art. My students are an extension of my family. I want each one of them to achieve their personal best while helping spread Jiu-Jitsu.

We must do that honoring the traditions and efforts of those who came before us, Gracie Barra is a worldwide community of Jiu-Jitsu instructors, students and athletes. Our organization is built by over 1000 schools in six continents.


Our head professor is a black belt 6th degree under Master Carlos Gracie Jr., 5 times IBJJF World champion, 7 times IBJJF Pan Ams champion, 2 times World no gi champion, US Martial Arts Hall of Famer, UFC veteran, ADCC Brazil champion with more than 26 years of experience teaching Gracie Jiujitsu for kids and adults and Certified self-defense instructor for Law Enforcement. Beside his career at martial arts, professor Café is Graduated in Law, Master in Law, PhD in Political Science. He had also worked as an attorney at law and as a university teacher.


I’ve been training BJJ since June 2018. I work in sales for the manufacturing market. I started to train Jiu Jitsu for exercise and weight loss. While training I wanted to challenge myself in competition, so I began competing. Jiu Jitsu has helped me achieve the brotherhood aspect I miss from the military and given me a way to fulfill my competitive drive. Training has been a great way to start my day. I enjoy the 6am class most.

If you are interested in training come and give us a visit at GB St. Augustine


Professor Juliana is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt 1st degree, who has dedicated the past 13 years of her life to practicing Jiu-jitsu.
Her journey into this incredible martial art began when she was a troubled youth, frequently bullied at school. Possessing a strong and energetic personality, she struggled with focus and constant movement, which led her to Jiu-jitsu. She began competing as an athlete and has achieved success in multiple tournaments.
Through the practice of this art, she cultivated confidence and self-control. It has instilled in her a profound understanding of the importance of nurturing both body and mind. Most significantly, it has empowered her with the knowledge and skills to defend herself if ever the need arises. Over the past seven years, she had the privilege of sharing this sharing this expertise as an PD & instructor, teaching self-defense and Jiu-Jitsu classes. I’m passionate about empowering women through Jiu-Jitsu most specifically creating a environment where women feel welcome, heard and safe to train.